Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tickets on sale...

The first couple of events are now listed with BOCS Ticketing. Other events will be added in the next week as details for each are finalised.

One of the first to be ticketed is the Australian Premiere of Figwit, a LOTR-fan doco. My guess is that will sell out pretty quickly, since there are only 240 seats - so get in quick if you fancy donning an elf-costume and walking down the Green Carpet for that one.

(hint: even if you're not into Lord of the Rings, if you're a Flight of the Conchords fan, you won't want to miss it...)

Also happening at the moment - the Get Reel is open for submissions of WA Digital Content:

Our main target audience for that is secondary school students, teachers and parents, to show the variety of careers available in the 'Digital Content' field. Ticket sales for that are already available too. The screenings are in the daytime, mostly through the week 2-9th Dec.

Also, for the same reason, I've increased the number of 'Expo to Go' Byte Me! Showbags to 1500, so if your business or institution would like to give me materials to stuff them with, drop me an email. Schwag, info about courses and careers... the idea is to give them a bag of stuff that they *would* take home from a Digital Careers Expo - but without the noise and expense of the Convention Centre ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Perth Massive - sign up now

Not part of Byte Me! Festival, but an 'affiliated event' that we encourage BM!F visitors to get along to. It's free, so why wouldn't you go?:

MASSIVE 2007 : 6pm, December 4th

The 6th Annual Digital Content Industry End of year Celebration

Be MASSIVE! Free Entry! Register Now!
MASSIVE is an annual end of year celebration for the hard working people in the Creative, Digital and Computing related fields. At it's heart, MASSIVE is a reflective social event which salutes you, your work, your colleagues and your industry.

Designers, architects, web developers, film and television, gamers, academics, photographers, animators, authors, programmers, scientists, researchers, musicians, marketing, advertisers, artists are all welcome.

Be part of this year's celebration by registering your name on the entry door. Register here:

Your name will be put into the draw for prizes on the night and the first 100 people to register are eligible to receive a MASSIVE t-shirt. (t-shirt offer is subject to sponsorship funding). In keeping with MASSIVE tradition, food and drink will be served on the night thanks to our sponsors.

Sponsorship : Want to be really MASSIVE?
If you are interested in sponsoring MASSIVE 2007, view the Sponsorship Packages here and contact the MASSIVE committee on All contributions
must be in by Friday the 23rd of November.

Industry groups represented at MASSIVE
MASSIVE welcomes industry groups

* ACM SIGGRAPH : Professional Chapter : Perth
* AWIA : Australian Web Industry Association
* Australian In Front
* DCIRG : Digital Content Industry Reference Group
* DLF : Digital Labourers Federation
* IGDA : International Game Developers Association : Perth Chapter
* One Twenty : Perth researchers, developers, gamers Group
* Orange Zucchini : Perth Design Student Community
* PIGMI : Perth Independent Game Maker's Initiative
* PIP : Photographers in Perth
* Sumea : Australian & New Zealand Game Developers
* WAnimate : West Australian Animation Association

MASSIVE also welcomes delegates from the GRAPHITE 2007 international conference
, Byte Me! international festival and Nullarbor 2008 Mixer.


MASSIVE 2007 :
MASSIVE 2007 is organised by ACM SIGGRAPH Perth

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Volunteers wanted... must be willing to give up having a Life for next 6 weeks

Wanted: Committed volunteers to do specific tasks for BM!F. And I don't mean people who decide to go out partying on the weekend instead of doing a task they promised to do - this means 6 weeks of sustained, directed effort. The reward is being part of getting this awesome event off the ground, and also making a network of contacts that would usually take you years to accumulate.

So, would you be interested in taking responsibility for collecting content for the Get Reel? - would really suit someone wanting to get a foot in the animation/3D door...

Or, doing the Program Layout (all you graphic designers - this could be a great project for your folio)...

Or, marketing and events management-type tasks...

Or, schools liaison (any teachers on the list?).

And so it goes on. Your committed help would be hugely appreciated and I'm sure it will be very rewarding. I'm talking six insane weeks ahead of us though, so the half-baked need not apply :P

PS - the callout for less-committed volunteers (eg for hanging out in the Interface talking to people, or doing door-bitch duty at events etc) will come later.