Friday, August 10, 2007

Four Eyed Monsters, Girl Friday and other DIY Revolutionaries

Seems a lot of people are suddely taking this web 2.0/social networking stuff seriously in a business sense. Which is great news for digital creatives of all types, but it's a scary frontier and things are developing at a crazy pace.

AFTRS Centre for Screen Business did a seminar recently at the Revelation Film Festival that was the best roundup of these evolving new business models I've yet seen. So much of the info that they covered has relevance to creatives way beyond the Film + TV audience that was targeted, so I'm really pleased that they've agreed to come back and reprise the seminar (no doubt with updated content, since this stuff is changing constantly) for BM!F. See Events for details as they get confirmed.

I think AFTRS CSB are doing an amazing amount for the Australian Screen Industry - an example of what a small number of committed, switched on visionaries can do with pretty limited resources. eg, their 'the Knowledge' vodcast interviews where experienced Industry professionals talk openly about the Industry is an invaluable resource. Keep up the great work, guys - and I recommend anyone interested in the Screen Industry subscribe to their blog and get to their seminars whenever you can.

Some of the really interesting models that they featured in the 'Business Models for Digital Delivery' Seminar included:

The Secret - in a content-neutral way, the business model is clearly a huge success regardless of what you think of the content.

Girl Friday - an awesome cross-media project, one of the most well-conceived and executed examples I've seen. Tip: click on the zipper to get into Girl Friday's handbag, which will feature all manner of interactive content as the project develops.

3eep - perfect example of a user-content web 2.0 business model. Aimed at those who play in local sporting teams and their families throughout Australia, you can upload the scores and fixtures for your local club, photos and video you took of little Timmy in the under-9's footy match at your local oval, discuss the games, etc. This site really shows how the demographic of the web's changed in the past few years. Sites like this must really be making the traditional media nervous. Considering that more Aussies participate or spectate in sport at a local level than watch 'big' sports on TV, is this where advertising revenues will move to in the near future?

Four Eyed Monsters - the ultimate example of a social-networking project.

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